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Friday, December 7, 2012

Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate


I saw this recipe on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and immediately knew that I needed to try it. I LOVE all things Oreo, so adding oreos to hot chocolate sounded like the perfect combination. You basically just add a handful of oreos into your hot chocolate mix and throw it into a blender. I don't have a Blendtec like the original recipe calls for, but my regular blender seemed to work just fine.

2 cups milk
8 tbsp hot cocoa powder (use more or less to make depending on how chocolaty you like it)
4-5 Oreos
Whipped Cream
Warm milk in the microwave (about one minute) then pour into your Blendtec jar. 
Add cocoa powder and 3 Oreo cookies.  Hit the "soup" button on your Blendtec and let it blend.
Pour cocoa into two mugs and top with whipped cream. Crush the last Oreo over the top of the whipped cream.  Serve immediately.
(Recipe from here.)

The result was fantastic! I would definitely make it again. Beware though, it's got a lot of flavor and if you make a big mug, it can be a little overwhelming.

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